Nils Andersson – CTO

As CTO, Nils Andersson is responsible for overseeing the direction of EON Reality’s innovative Virtual Reality technologies globally. Andersson started his career in 1991 at Saab Space working as an electronics hardware engineer for the European Space Station. Shortly after, he began his 20+ year career as a software engineer at Enera, where he worked on the GPS-based tracking of vehicles during until 1995.  At the Swedish camera maker Hasselblad, Andersson was responsible for their Windows software for media-handling database services from 1995 until 1997.  Then, Andersson’s career took him to Clarus AB as a team leader in the development of 3D software until 1998.

In 1999, Andersson became CTO of EON Reality and currently leads the company’s technology into the future. Andersson is also responsible for the Swedish branch of EON Reality, including the core development team and the Nordic market. Andersson has also taken an active role in building up the R&D team in EON Reality’s Singapore office as well as the EON Reality Entrepreneur School in Manchester, UK.

Using agile development methods, Andersson efficiently leads the core development team to develop future products for the interactive 3D market. So far, Andersson and his team have developed strong, collaborative relations with technology partners such as Texas Instruments, NVidia, and Vicon to ensure the smooth integration and delivery for EON Reality’s newest technology.

Andersson received his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in Computer Engineering and Science at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.