Embark on a Medical Odyssey with EON’s AI Stories & Quest Assistant

Scene Creation

Navigate through intricately crafted 3D scenes of a Surgical Room - from prep to patient recovery. Witness each scenario come to life, engaging your senses and intellect in an unparalleled medical quest.


Scene Annotation

Embark on an intellectual treasure hunt with meticulously annotated scenes. Every item is a clue, demanding a keen understanding of medical practices to discern the lifelines of surgery.

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Educational Value & Narrative Progression

Immerse in narratives that pose critical questions, shaping your journey. Select the right annotated clues, unlock the next chapter, and absorb the quintessence of medical knowledge with each advancement.

Scoring System & Assessment

Experience a captivating journey as a student in the realm of medical procedures. Not only is your knowledge of specific skills assessed, but your understanding is also continuously sharpened, ensuring you're not just navigating a story but living a lesson with tangible outcomes.

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