EON Spatial AI World Tour: Unveiling the Future

Bangkok, Thailand – October 12, 2023


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Join us on an extraordinary journey through 24 destinations worldwide


Welcome to EON’s Spatial AI World Tour! We’re excited to bring our insights and innovative developments in Spatial AI to you. The tour, led by our Chairman, Dan Lejerskar, thought leader and author of “The Knowledge Metaverse: Artificial Intelligence Explosion and How We Become Superhuman,” aims to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the rapid evolution of AI. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to discover the potential of Spatial AI!

So, what value does this offer to your organization?

Academic Institutions

  • For Academic Institutions, you can stay ahead by adopting proactive measures, mitigating challenges such as outdated curricula and restricted research opportunities. 
  • A Spatial AI Centre ensures a future-ready curriculum, enhanced reputation, increased research opportunities, and improved student outcomes.


  • For Governments, the need for corrective measures is imminent, as job displacement could become a significant issue by 2024. 
  • However, a Spatial AI Centre introduces new Spatial AI retraining programs and education initiatives to mitigate displacement and integrate new jobs into various industries.


  • Enterprises risk losing their competitive edge and workforce displacement without corrective measures. 
  • By implementing Spatial AI, you can gain a competitive advantage, foster innovation, and develop your workforce for long-term sustainability.

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