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Held biennially in the City of Tshwane – South Africa’s administrative capital, the AAD Expo is one of South Africa’s largest contributors to the country’s GDP in show years, and is regarded as a national asset. AAD brings together the largest gathering of industry players in aerospace and defense (manufacturers and innovators) and buyers (high-level international delegations, Defense Chiefs of Arms and senior procurement officers).

Rated amongst the top six exhibitions in the world, it boasts more than 450 participating companies in the defence and aerospace industries, from over 30 countries. The AAD Expo provides a conducive environment for business-to-business linkages, as well as an ideal platform for engaging in dialogue and discourse on international defence, aerospace and other related best practices.

Together with our partners, the City of Tshwane, EON Reality Tshwane will demonstrate how the AVR Platform is providing the defense and security sectors, both private and public, the hands on experience needed to train their workforce, inform the public, and better deliver services. To be properly prepared for a disaster requires training that replicates real life as closely as possible. Traditional collaborative training is both resource intensive and time consuming which making this quality of training infrequent and difficult to evaluate. With a busy airport, it’s not feasible to practice where the actual disaster response would take place. A similar site must be used but this also means that a simulated training exercise is not what first responders or security personnel will actually face. This situation makes for less than optimal evaluation and knowledge transfer.

The Africa Aerospace and Defense (AAD) is Africa’s only aerospace and defense expo that combines both a trade exhibition and an air show. This event is hosted over a period of five days in the following format:

  • A 3-day trade exhibition: The trade exhibition showcases air, sea and land defence technologies, including a static aircraft display. It is open to media and trade visitors only.
  • A 2-day air show: The air show is a live demonstration of global aircraft and is open to media, trade and general public visitors.
  • The AAD Expo is managed through a partnership between:

  • The Department of Defence and Military Veterans (DOD)
  • The Armaments Corporation of South Africa SOC Ltd (Armscor)
  • The South African Aerospace Maritime and Defence Industries Association (AMD)
  • The Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa (CAASA)