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This webinar, presented by EON Reality’s Founder Dan Lejerskar, will look at the most compelling aspects of immersive learning and immersive lesson creation using Augmented and Virtual Reality technology (AVR). The applications of VR and AR within the medical sector are huge, with ‘disruption, or evolution of the sector expected across:

  • Patient care
  • Diagnostics and Diagnosis
  • Clinical training
  • Non-clinical training

Utilizing code-free creation, Dan will take a look at a variety of 3D models, 360 videos and learning materials, and will be explaining how VR and AR is disrupting medical education today and how EON Reality have really paved the way there.

Learn, Train and Perform and Augmented and Virtual Reality:
“VR and AR are incredible tools for learning, and present iterative opportunities for student to learn and relearn in no risk environment,” Lejerskar says.

“The layers of medical complications that one can simulate in VR and AR unlocks many scenarios that a resident will surely encounter in his lifetime. By the time the graduating resident is actually at the operating table, the patient and their family can rest easy knowing they are in safe, well trained hands.”

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