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It was accurate. Finally in 2020, we’re seeing this go mainstream. Bernard Marr from Forbes predicted, ‘AR and VR will be used increasingly for learning and training.’

That’s why we’re hosting an immersive learning workshop in Manchester as part of the incredible Digital City Festival 20200.

Bring Your Own Devices, all you need is your laptop (Windows), your smartphone and our generous WiFi. In just one afternoon, you can become an immersive learning expert.

What delegates will gain from this workshop at EON Reality UK:

  • Foundational Knowledge: AR and VR 101 – Outline for Trainers and Teachers
  • BYOD: Bring Your Own Devices
  • Use case: Immersive Learning and Pedagogy – How and Why It Works
  • Strategy Guide: AR and VR Content Creation Strategy – (which you can takeaway with you)
  • Free AR/VR Content to make & take away – Training Lesson Content Creation Session – (which you can takeaway)
  • Network with likeminded individuals
  • UK Business: Learn more about the EON Reality Manchester team

Bizzarely, one of the main reasons AR and VR has been slow to take off en masse has previously been due to the expense, resource and time that content creation takes up.

Democratising access to VR and AR technology is what drives us here at EON Reality and we will be sharing some strategies from ourselves and our clients from across the world using the AVR Platform. Become an immersive learning expert in just one day at our free AR and VR workshop for the Digital City Festival 2020 Fringe in Manchester, UK.

Please note that the phone number to the right is our US HQ number, please use our Manchester number for any queries: 0161 669 6294

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