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Visit EON Reality in the Technology Exhibiting Area and come and listen to Joe Cheben, Former Senior Engineering Associate at ExxonMobil, talk about how EON Reality and ExxonMobil Research Qatar partnered up on workforce training using Virtual Reality technology at 11 am on November 3rd.

The Forum will address skills development requirements and effective training approaches that can apply to the full span of employees in today’s Oil and Gas Industry, from new workers to experienced, Design, Projects, Operation and Maintenance employees, HoD’s, and Mid-senior level management personnel.

The challenge for many End Users throughout Plant lifecycle is to manage the replacement of retiring employees to the new generation without disturbing Productivity and improve Plant reliability.The event will focus on the latest developments in Training and Simulation for entire Oil and Gas Process lifecycle; will cover upstream, midstream and downstream, business process simulations, HR/Training and Development.

11.00 – 11.30 an on November 3rd 
Interactive 3D and Immersive Training for the Energy Market – Joe Cheben – Former Senior Engineering Associate at ExxonMobil

Demographics show that a large number of experienced individuals working in industry will retire over the next few years resulting in a severe knowledge and experience drain in the workforce. These experienced workers need to be replaced with highly skilled individuals. Conventional training systems will be put under a lot of pressure to get these new workers trained quickly while maintaining high safety performance and plant reliability. Normal classroom and “on-the-job” training are insufficient to get these new workers assimilated into the workforce in a timely manner. A 3D immersive training platform linked to a plant computer simulator is a major improvement to the way training is done. ExxonMobil Research Qatar and EON Reality Inc. partnered on a research project to develop this innovative patent pending training technology.

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