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Join us for the Inauguration of the EON Reality China in Zhangzhou, China – September 19-20 2017


In partnership with Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic and Technological Development Zone (CMZD), EON Reality is opening EON Reality China Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in Zhangzhou. The IDC and partners will bring Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to China to promote more efficient knowledge transfer in the areas of vocational skills training and higher education.

通过与漳州招商局经济技术开发区(CMZD)的合作,弈恩现实正在漳州开设中国互动数字中心(IDC)。 IDC和合作伙伴将把增强现实(AR)和虚拟现实(VR)技术引入中国,以促进在职业技能培训和高等教育领域的更有效的知识转移。

The IDC Hub will contain a Virtual Showroom with over 16 different AR and VR systems, an EON Entrepreneur School, an innovation center, and the multi-user EON Idome™, the first in China. The local EON Entrepreneur School train local AR and VR professionals drawn from the sizable population of 3D and Gaming enthusiasts in China to help develop a local Augmented and Virtual Reality ecosystem. The best will be offered jobs at EON Reality China. Graduates from the Entrepreneur School will help shape the landscape of AR and VR in China and also develop applications that will help tens of millions learn faster, remember longer, and decide better.

IDC中心将由包括超过 16种AR和VR系统的虚拟展厅、EON企业家学校、创新中心以及中国第一家多用户虚拟现实电影院组成。企业家学校将从众多的3D和游戏爱好者中选取学生,把他们培养成AR和VR的专业人士,帮助建立当地的增强和虚拟现实生态系统。 弈恩现实将会给最好的毕业生提供工作机会。 企业家学院的毕业生将有机会塑造中国AR和VR的风景线,并且开发应用程序,帮助数千万人学习得更快、记忆得更长、更好地决策。

Together with thought leaders from Industry and Education we will share how scalable AR and VR solutions are continuing to transform Teaching and Training world-wide.



Prof Chee Yeow Meng
Chair, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Joe Cheben
Fmr Sr Engineering Associate

Dr. Anu Khanna, MD
Associate Professor
Loyola University

Ban Liu
General Manager, China
EON Reality

Pontus Appelqvist
VP Sales
EON Reality

David Huang
Director of R&D
EON Reality

Dan Lejerskar
EON Reality

Morten Wenstad
VP Security Solutions
EON Reality

Brendan Reilly
EON Sports

David Scowsill
EON Reality

Anna Lejerskar
Director, EON Learn for Life
EON Reality

Michael Yap
Chairman, Singapore
EON Reality

Agenda 议程

Tuesday, September 19 – 九月十九日(星期二)
09.00 – Registration & Refreshments 活动注册
09.30 – Official Opening Ceremony & Inauguration Speeches 开幕式&开场演讲
10.15  – Introduction, Technology Showroom, and EON Innovation Academy Tour 介绍、技术展示厅和EON企业家学校参观
12.00 – Lunch 午餐
13.00 – 16:30 – Testimonials & Case Studies 见证与案例研究

  • Human 2.0: Dan Lejerskar, Founder, EON Reality
    人类2.0:Dan Lejerskar,EON Reality创始人
  • Future of Education: Yeow Meng Chee, Chair, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, NTU,
    教育的未来:南洋理工大学物理与数学学院院长 Yeow Meng Chee
  • Government Support and Applicaitons: Michael Yap, Chairman, EON Reality Singapore
    政府:新加坡EON现实主席Michael Yap
  • Cultural Heritage: Anna Lejerskar, Director, EON Learn for Life
    文化遗产:Anna Lejerskar,主任
  • AVR Roadmap: David Huang, Director of R&D, EON Reality
    AVR路线图:David Huang,EON Reality研发总监
  • AVR Use Cases: Pontus Appelqvist, EON Reality
    AVR应用用案例:Pontus Appelqvist

Wednesday, September 20 – 9月20日,星期
09.00 – Registration & Refreshments 注册
09.30 – 10.30 Applications  Workshop One 应用研讨沙龙(一)

  • Energy: Joe Cheben, Former Senior Engineering Associate at ExxonMobil
    能源:埃克森美孚前高级工程师Joe Cheben
  • Crisis Training: Morten Wenstad, Vice President Security Solutions, EON Reality
    危机培训:EON Reality的安全解决方案副总裁Morten Wenstad

09.30 – 10.30 Applications  Workshop Two 应用研讨沙龙(二)

  • Sports Training: Brendan Reilly, CEO, EON Sports VR体育训练:Brendan Reilly,EON Sports VR首席执行官
  • Medical Training: Dr. Anu Khanna, MD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Loyola University
    医学培训:Ano Khanna博士,洛约拉大学眼科副教授
  • Skills Training Free Discussion 技能训练研讨

09.30 – 11.30  AVR Showroom Free Experience Time AVR科技展厅自由参观体验
10.30 – 11.30   AVR Idome Experience &  Tour AVR未来影厅参观体验
12.00 – Lunch 午餐
14.00 –15.30  Tour in the China Merchant Zhangzhou Development Zone 招商局开发区参观