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Join us for the inauguration of EON Reality’s French based subsidiary, EON Reality SAS, and the founding of the World Edutainment Hub in Laval, France. One of the key activities of the new Hub will be the production of Virtual Reality content for the edutainment sector including theme parks, science centers and museums.

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Grand Opening Agenda

Monday, November 3rd  | The Inauguration and VR/AR Industry Outlook

Our new Hub provides access to state of the art interactive 3D technologies including our new virtual showroom, training room, project room, development lab, and 3D classroom infrastructure, creating a center of excellence in Laval. Day 1 will showcase the newest technologies and innovations in Virtual Reality. Industry leaders and 3D experts will guide you through hands-on VR experiences to demonstrate the incredible power of one of the world’s most exciting emerging technologies.

9.00 am VIP Breakfast at EON Reality Hub at 21 rue Saint Melaine, 53000
Laval Show Room Tour
12.30 pm VIP Exclusive Lunch with Customer Testimonials, Case Studies & Show Room Tour
16:30 pm Official Launch: Ribbon cutting and inauguration speeches

Tuesday, November 4th  | The Future of Education is Virtual 3D Learning

Virtual Reality is transforming education as we know it. Day 2 will include hands-on demonstrations in our new center showcasing the use of Virtual Reality technologies for the classroom. We invite you to immerse yourself in two exciting days of learning, exploring, and discovering new ways to create innovative, high-performance applications.

9.00 am Breakfast Educational Launch event
Show Room Tour
11.00 am Educational Testimonials and Lunch

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