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Hololens 2. ARKit vs ARCore. HTC Vive. Oculus Quest. Magic Leap. Wallpaper TVs. Smartphones. Focals by North. It can often seem like VR and AR really are everywhere. Yet, nothing has truly gone mainstream, and the hype cycle seems to loop over and over.

Or is this simply a generic assumption about immersive technology?

EON Reality’s global expertise in AVR (Augmented and Virtual Reality) technology touches upon a huge variety of subjects. To cut through the masses of information and deliver real insight, EON Reality UK is launching its Tech Breakfast Panels with co-working hub Accelerate Places in Manchester.

For the first in our series of technology breakfast panels, we will be covering the impact of VR and AR in enterprise, business and computing. The panel will also host a discussion about how AVR technology is changing enterprises around the world.

Finally, you can discover what’s happening now and — even more crucially — what’s happening in the near future.

Jane McConnell, EMEA Marketing Director, EON Reality

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