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Come and experience EON Reality’s cutting edge Virtual and Augmented Reality technology including interactive mirror, head mounted displays & EON’s Icatcher Mini allowing users to interact with individual 3D objects and complete virtual environments.


‘Food for thought’ is defined as anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking, intellectual nourishment, and cognitive content. The sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered or learned. It is about learning and even grasping new information that you never thought was important to think and about enabling you to have a greater appreciation in aspects of life you haven’t ventured into and yet now comprehend. At TEDxPlainesWilhems 2016, we present talks to nourish your mind, ideas and issues to ponder.

TEDxPlainesWilhems is a non-profit mini TED-Style event scheduled for May 2016. The x in TEDx stands for independently organised TED event under license from TED.
It is a live event where grass-root intellectuals, creative minds, and leading experts are invited to present their one idea worth sharing to a live select audience in a well prepared talk of not more than 18 minutes.