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Join us in Florida at the Simulation Summit where EON Reality’s CEO, Mats Johansson, will be talking about “Using Simulation to Improve Human Performance” and Founder of EON Sports VR, Brendan Reilly, will talk about “Simulation’s Impact on the Performance of World Class Athletes”. The conference highlights the state’s multi-billion dollar simulation industry and helps identify opportunities for businesses to commercialize simulation.

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“The symbiotic relationship between co-located defense contractors and our local private sector companies is at the heartbeat of the Florida Simulation Summit and a driving force for future job creation,” Mayor Teresa Jacobs said during her welcome remarks at the event. “Simulation is used in so many different industries, and local companies are using technology that’s been developed right here to improve efficiency and operations.”

Topics at last years summit ranged from entertainment, medical, education, transportation and emerging technologies. Panelists included speakers from Universal Orlando, the University of Central Florida, EA Sports, Space Florida, Limbitless Solutions, Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training, Raytheon Co. and Duke Energy.

“We’ve created modeling and simulation curriculum frameworks that were approved by Florida Board of Education this past August,” said Senior Executive Director of Career and Technical Education for Orange County Public Schools and Summit panelist Michael Armbruster, describing their partnership with the NCS. “This represents a tremendous step forward in educating our K-12 and adult students of all ages and education levels in the fields we are discussing today.”