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Learn how Augmented and Virtual Reality Interactive Digital Centers are creating Smart Nations. Since 1999, we’ve been providing 55 governments, such as Manchester City Council, Laval France, City of Tshwane, State of Mexico Government, Singapore Civil Defense Force, and UNIDO, with complete Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions that teach more in less time, deal with increasing complexity in the workplace, and advances education from memorization to higher skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Please watch a short video describing what we have in mind.

EON Reality is identifying potential partners for establishing IDCs globally. As a result of these partnerships, we expect each IDC to educate 500 VR and AR professionals, create 250 high skilled jobs in AR and VR, and 2,000 secondary jobs over four to five years. Watch our vision videos for the Smart Nation and AVR classroom.

Sign up for this IDC webinar on February 7th at 8:00 AM PST ( 17:00 CET ) to understand how you can leverage these technologies and help your region innovate.

You will specifically learn how IDCs have provided partners with the following benefits:

  • Implemented disruptive innovation 4.0 learning and training methodologies
  • Delivered a new region campus wide mechanism to reach out to students, industry leaders, and donors/philanthropists
  • Enhanced regional reputation for innovation and research based on the latest AR and VR solutions
  • Improved retainment and recruitment of workers, students, and companies
  • Hear directly from business owners, students, and officials on the positive impact of the Interactive digital center:
    • Helps regions teach more in less time
    • Advances education from memorization to higher skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.
    • Improves attention rates for trainees and students to make learning engaging rather than a chore