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Learn how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be an effective tool for educators. Since 1999, EON Reality has been providing educational institutions, such as Imperial College, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Oral Roberts University, and Nanyang Technical University, with complete Virtual Reality solutions that help their students learn faster, improve retention rates, and make better decisions. Our latest offering, the EON AVR Platform, provides a campus wide platform to empower your faculty to create their own VR/AR applications to enhance their lessons and let their students learn by doing in VR or AR.

Oral Roberts University’s AVP of Technology and Innovation, Michael Mathews will co-host this webinar and walk through the immediate impact that AVR is having in education.

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on January 31st at 9:00 AM PST ( 18:00 CET) to understand how you can leverage these technologies and help your faculty innovate.

You will specifically learn:

  • The immediate impact that Oral Roberts University has experienced with EON Reality’s AVR Solution.
  • Why AVR greatly improves teaching and learning outcomes compared to other technologies.
  • Why an enterprise-wide AVR approach is the best method to leverage the value and benefits of AVR.
  • How AVR affects the following student outcomes:
    • Helps colleges and universities teach more in less time
    • Advances education from memorization to higher skills such as critical thinking and problem solving
    • Improves attention in the classroom and awaken a student’s curiosity for learning
  • The key benefits and results other institutions are seeing from Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based learning
  • Case studies and examples of how other schools have implemented the AVR platform

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