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This is a Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) professional development and training session rolled into one, helping teachers, lectures and learning and training managers in business together to navigate the growing world of VR and AR technologies.

All you need is your laptop (Windows), your smartphone and our generous WiFi – become an immersive learning expert, in just an afternoon.

What delegates will gain from this workshop at EON Reality UK:

  • Foundational Knowledge: AR and VR 101 – Outline for Business Trainers and Learning Manager
  • Theory:¬†Immersive Learning and Pedagogy – How and Why It Works
  • Practical: Free AR/VR Content to make & take away – Bootcamp Lesson and Content Creation Session – (which you can takeaway with you at the end)
  • Network with like-minded individuals

We work with businesses, Chief Learning Officers, learning managers and learning designers all over the world using the AVR Platform. In this half-day training session, you’ll be able to garner the best knowledge from what we’ve distilled over the last 21 years of business.

Invest in your professional development, and take the chance to become an immersive learning expert in just one day with the EON Reality team.

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