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IP EXPO is one of the largest events in Europe, covering the whole enterprise IT sector from both the supplier and buyer side. This year, EON Reality will be a part of this systems, cyber and infrastructure show alongside names like Oracle, OneTrust and Barracuda.

EON Reality will be featured as the only enterprise immersive technology provider at the show and as part of the Innovation Lounge. As such, the UK team will be showcasing its Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) solutions, with a core focus on Virtual Trainer, the expansive VR training product from the AVR Platform, with the following market-leading client demonstrations:

EON Reality will also be co-located with the Digital Transformation Expo conference at Manchester Central, the city’s largest expo venue.

With a footfall of tens of thousands of people from across the UK, Ireland and the wider European Economic Area, IP Expo has grown to become one of the biggest technology shows and typically targets the following roles:

  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Head of Innovation
  • Digital Transformation Lead
  • Solutions Architect
  • IT Procurement

The AVR Platform will be an important feature for this show, particularly as IT departments at large usually invest in point-solution. EON Reality is able to showcase the next step of this across its AR and VR portfolio with the AVR Platform: built as a platform, for heterogenous systems and processes.