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Meta Lab is a free business development and expert seminar conference being hosted at MediaCityUK in Salford. EON Reality – and you – are invited to be there for the day’s closing panel, “Trends, Techniques & Innovation: What’s coming through in the immersive tech industries, here and overseas?”

EON Reality will be drawing on its 19 years of unmatched industry heritage, talking about the nuts and bolts of the immersive technology industry as it applies to its partners, clients and customers. This means discussing Virtual and Augmented Reality across the whole spectrum: software, the devices, marketing, the challenges faced by industry from the frontline, as well as the brightest and most recent developments in VR and AR technology.

The free one-day immersive technology conference will be taking place on Thursday 6th September 2018 on the seventh floor of The Landing, MediaCityUK’s tech hub.

Jane McConnell, UK Marketing Executive from EON Reality, will be talking about the latest and greatest in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality. To support collaborative thought and discussion, she will be sharing some of the most cutting edge work happening within the global Studios and the Executive teams at EON Reality.

The event is also designed for those who own or run businesses that interested in learning how to use immersive tech within enterprise, as well as an opportunity for the local development community to get together and network with EON Reality and other companies.

You can get your free tickets to Meta Lab, a one-day immersive technology conference in MediaCityUK, from Eventbrite.