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Noia’s annual conference is the foremost offshore oil & gas conference in Canada, delivering a dynamic program focused on industry trends, pioneering technologies and the top leaders in oil & gas from around the world. EON Reality together with partners at Validity Systems will be demoing the Magic Leap AR device and how it can be used in training for oil & gas.

This is first time Noia will host an onsite exhibition within the conference venue. It will provide delegates and exhibitors an opportunity to interact and share knowledge at the main conference site. The three-day exhibition will run concurrently with the main conference and include 40 booths of exhibitors involved in the offshore oil & gas industry.

Daily themed presentations will focus on topics such as international opportunities and exporting our expertise. The Pennecon Stage will be positioned within the exhibition area and will allow delegates to visit the exhibits and hear the presentations in one convenient location.

The Noia Oil & Gas Conference 2019 is Canada’s flagship offshore oil & gas industry information event, attracting global oil & gas industry leaders as both speakers and delegates. The theme of this year’s conference is Realizing our Potential and will focus on how the industry can use knowledge and skills to develop our offshore potential. Important discussion topics for the oil & gas industry at the conference will include innovation, collaboration and preparing for the workforce of the future. Other highlights include an international opportunities session, a technical agenda, B2B meetings for exhibitors and exceptional networking opportunities.

EON Reality’s Frank Botdorf will be presenting “Is oil & gas ready for virtual and augmented reality” at the Technology Innovation session on June 20th at 3.20 pm on the Pennecon Stage.

Meet us there to see how Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) can help your business:

  • Become a higher fidelity solution which is more compelling for trainees
  • Improve customer experience and decrease service costs
  • Improve asset reliability and predict failure before it happens
  • Minimize employee turnover and seasonal spikes
  • Provide training when needed through portable AVR solutions