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EON Reality Norway AS’s CEO Knut Henrik Aas will present on January 29th at 16:00 and talk about successful  business development processes and challenges using AR and VR technology within logistics.

The Norsk Militært Logistikkforum (NMLF) conference is a well-established arena for dialogue between the Armed Forces and the supplier market with focus on operational support. In addition, there is a great deal of emphasis on mutual exchange of information.

Role and responsibility for logistical support of the “big community” is changing. For the Armed Forces, this means, among other things, that civilian actors through strategic agreements will strengthen operational capacity and preparedness. This will put great demands on ethics and morals, where ethical guidelines must be communicated and clarified. The changes mean significant adjustments for the Armed Forces operating concept. The Armed Forces seek to facilitate companies to become suppliers or subcontractors as part of the concepts chosen. NMLF wishes to contribute to such facilitation.

Norway is Host Nation for the NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2018. The exercise will affect large parts of southern Norway and it is expected that the purchase of goods and services will amount to around 200 MNOK to support the participating forces. Based on current concepts, this provides great opportunities for business.