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Learn how Virtual Reality can deliver a better customer experience and increased sales. Since 1999, we’ve been providing providing complete Virtual Reality edutainment experiences for companies, such as Singtel, Courts, 313@Somerset, Merlin Entertainment, FIFA, Coca-Cola, and Parques Reundios, that tell a better story, holds an audience’s attention better, delivers a better retail experience, and improves sales. Our latest offering, the EON AVR Platform, provides an enterprise platform that empowers your company to create its own VR/AR applications to enhance all areas of the retail experience.

Sign up for this webinar on March 16th at 8:00 AM PST  (17:00 CET) to understand how you can leverage these technologies and help your company innovate.

You will specifically learn:

• How Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) lets you tell a better story with an immersive experience and make retail shopping an event rather than a chore.
• How AVR grabs the audience’s attention and hold it long enough for the content’s message to the viewers
• How AVR delivers a better brand experience and clearly communicates your brand’s message
Increase sales while lowering costs
Improve shopper engagement which results in longer time spent in a store and more sales
• How you can develop, run, manage, access, store, host, and distribute AVR applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the necessary infrastructure
• The key benefits and results others are seeing from Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based learning
Case studies and examples of how companies have implemented the EON AVR Platform

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