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The way we learn, work and play today looks very different from what it was just decades ago, thanks to the growing connectivity and the increasing prevalence of new technologies. Today, we are at the cusp of a learning revolution where new learning architectures and applications are discovered with new technology offerings. Are universities equipped to deal with the integration challenges brought on by the rise of education technologies such as AR and VR?

Join Dr Peter Looker, Head of Teaching , Learning and Pedagogy who will talk about:
1.  Challenges associated with the increasing digitalization of education

2.  Different models of student learning and how education technology can be harnessed for better learning outcomes

3. Recommendations to redesign current lesson delivery methods and incentivize faculty to adopt new technologies

About Dr. Looker:
Peter Looker is currently Head of the Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He began working in learning and teaching development in 2002 after being a faculty member for 14 years at the Australian National University and University of New South Wales. As an Associate Professor of Higher Education, he worked at both UNSW and University of Newcastle. He has been a consultant at City University (Hong Kong) on outcomes-based teaching and learning and conducted faculty development programs at various universities in Brunei, Vietnam, India and Oman. He has several awards related to teaching and learning from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council. His research and publication interests are in assessing the effectiveness of learning and teaching in holistic environments, global implications of the scholarship of teaching and learning, and the impact of technology on space configuration and conceptions of teaching.