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You’re dealing with the same dilemma as many educational leaders and executives: You need to find an affordable, efficient, and relevant way to educate people for the jobs of the future while the wheels of modern industry spin careers in and out of existence faster than ever before.

You also need this digital transformation of teaching and learning to happen just as quickly and effectively, and that’s now possible with VR, AR and the delivery of new learning architectures to double learning effectiveness.

Here at EON Reality, we call this the Classroom 3.0 initiative, and we have already begun implementing it in dozens of major academic institutions around the world. We are empowering millions of students in countries such as China, Italy, Spain, India, Denmark, Norway, Morocco, Singapore and the United States to learn and grow beyond what they would take away from traditional pedagogy thanks to the power of Augmented and Virtual Reality technology.

With academic partners all over the world and several education experts working with us on an everyday basis, there’s a reason that EON Reality is considered the world leader in AR and VR solutions for education and workforce training.

If you lead an educational org, you need to attend this webinar.

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