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Immersive, engaging ways of learning have never been more important than right now at the cusp of a new decade.

The economic and trade landscape of the future will look incredibly different than what we have today, and the success of a business will rely on having enough properly trained and skilled employees to handle the duties that even the most sophisticated of automation won’t be able to perform.

Unfortunately, that level of training in very specific, human-centric and detail-oriented tasks almost always requires a substantial investment of time, personnel, and money.But that’s where EON Reality and the Industry 4.0 initiative come in.

EON Reality’s flagship Augmented and Virtual Reality Platform puts an emphasis on being “EASI”: Effortless, Affordable, Self-Service, and Interconnected.

In this webinar, presented by Dan Lejerskar, founder of EON Reality you will learn how anyone – from workforce training manager to a veteran mechanic – will be able to create and distribute lessons in VR and AR with no additional technological understanding required. As long as they have access to a computer or smartphone, employees can share their knowledge to other members of their team across a variety of mediums.

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