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This Masterclass, presented by EON Reality’s Founder Dan Lejerskar, will look at the 7 most important aspects of immersive learning and immersive lesson creation using Augmented and Virtual Reality technology (AVR).

Utilizing code-free creation, Dan will take a look at a variety of 3D models, 360 videos and learning materials, Dan will be explaining how VR and AR as the interface can bring all manner of topics, faculties and subjects together in a fresh way, to deliver engaging teaching and training.

Learn, Train and Perform and Augmented and Virtual Reality:
Learn how you can future-proof your investment by choosing the right technology to maximize your ROI for sales and training
Create content once and repurpose them for sales, on-the-job training and remote assistance, all on one handy platform.

You can also learn how you implement our solutions and have the AVR Platform up and running on Day 1, to bring immediate benefits to your organisation using Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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