Global Launch Event of Contextual AI

EON’s Contextual AI will change the game on February 15


In the current boom of artificial intelligence programs, the AI world has largely been dominated by increasingly intelligent text chat. While these tools can be entertaining and useful, their shortcomings become more and more apparent as users try to stretch the limits of their capabilities.

But at the global launch event for EON Reality’s new contextual AI capabilities, everything will change. As shown on February 15, 2023, EON AI Assistant is a revolutionary new piece of technology that gives artificial intelligence a full digital body — meaning the AI-based avatars will have functional eyes, ears, legs and more.

This means that simply by utilizing EON AI Assistant on their mobile phone, users will be able to experience several new features never before possible with artificial intelligence.

For one thing, EON AI Assistant is capable of contextually showing and telling users the information they want to know. Thanks to a full integration with EON Reality’s global network and the Knowledge Metaverse, EON AI Assistant has access to more than six million assets, and its library of knowledge grows with every passing day. The EON AI Assistant will use context clues both in the real world (in AR mode) and in its digital environment to better understand what a user is asking for and provide the appropriate materials.

Additionally, EON AI Assistant can see what a user is pointing their smartphone at, and deduce what objects or assets the user wants to learn about. Then, the avatar can walk over to the object, digitally interact with it, and both show and tell the user everything they need to know using images, spoken and written information, videos, interactions and more.

Through these abilities, EON AI Assistant is able to save significant time for teachers, instructors, team leaders, or anyone else who needs to create content, while also providing an entertaining and educational experience for those who are simply curious about discovering new topics and information. 

All of this and more will be demonstrated in the global launch event on February 15, so register today to reserve your spot. As an added bonus, all registrants for the event will receive a free trial of EON AI Assistant to see how transformational contextual AI can be.