Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester UK

Regional Headquarters, & Customer Success Centre

Arbeta, Northampton Road,
Manchester, M40 5BP, United Kingdom
+44 (0)161 669 6294

Manchester’s Interactive Digital Centre is managed by two multi-disciplinary teams. The first team comprises of Sales, Marketing and Operations; the second focuses on the global VR Innovation Academy and Customer Success. EON Reality enjoys an established reputation for pioneering augmented, virtual, and mixed reality solutions for enterprise and education.

Specifically, we deliver an advanced platform for immersive learning, training and work assistance – going beyond the typical to deliver the most advanced technology possible for knowledge transfer.

The Latest from Manchester

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December 5, 2019

How Innovation in VR and AR Sectors Boosts the UK Economy

Latest forecasts support optimism about augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) growing to a value of more than $44.7 billion worldwide by 2024. The UK is a key driver…
3D LearningEducationImmersive EnvironmentsLocationsManchesterSimulation Based Learning
September 30, 2019

Smart Cities and Spatial Computing with AVR

Globally and across the UK, enterprise, academia and governments are reaching a tipping point where sustainable business practice is an objective within a results-led, saving-led strategy. Today, sustainability crosses several…
EON Reality and KPMG ManchesterEON Reality UKEventsLocationsManchesterPress ReleaseThe AVR Platform
June 18, 2019

EON Reality UK, The Landing and KPMG Manchester Discuss VR, AR and The Future

Earlier in the year, the UK team worked with Accelerate Places in Manchester, a co-working hub in the city center, to develop fireside breakfast discussions about the future of Augmented…