Taipei, Taiwan

EON Reality, Taipei TW

IDC & VR Innovation Academy

digiBlock Taipei Building B, No. 287-1
Section 3, Chengde Road
Datong District, Taipei City, 103
+886 0911 258 998

EON Reality and TXI Center, an ecosystem of Taiwan and Israeli investors and startups, have partnered to establish an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in Taipei, Taiwan. The IDC’s state of the art EON-XR equipment in the interactive showroom, a training academy, and a development lab that will participate in many top-tier global EON-XR projects will bring together the innovation energy from all over Taiwan’s industry, education, and government entities. It will also handle EON Reality’s sales and marketing, along with R&D in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

The IDC’s school, VR Innovation Academy, will train new Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality professionals to grow the local VR/AR economy and empower graduates to start their own VR and AR companies.

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The VR Innovation Academy teaches the skills needed to create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications for enterprise and education. The curriculum covers many diverse fields, including: architecture, product visualization, game creation, multimedia design, and broadcast media. In this fast-track program, students receive 8 months of training, including 4 months working directly on real-life projects in different market segments. At the end of the course, students will have a robust portfolio of work showing off their projects.

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