Metaverse Academy Program

Skill Up for the Knowledge Metaverse

EON Grant Guarantee Program

for Post-Pandemic Recovery Assistance



Learn XR skills for building the Knowledge Metaverse

The XR industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world right now, with billions of dollars being earned every year and an unrivaled potential for growth. Now, EON Reality is offering individuals the chance to break into that industry through the Metaverse Academy.

Within its 20+ years of experience in XR (and now the growth of the Knowledge Metaverse) EON Reality has developed new and adapted existing training programs to meet the needs of the market. As an evolution of the advanced training program (formerly known as the VR Innovation Academy), we are now moving to an easy-to-follow, entirely online, self-directed learning method with the Metaverse Academy. 

The Metaverse Academy will take these individuals’ understanding, knowledge, and skills regarding EON-XR and other XR tools to new heights. From software development to business development, the Metaverse Academy is built around providing marketable resume-building skills and experience for learners around the world.

The comprehensive training includes various courses in a digestible modular structure. It can be accessed directly through the organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) for a flexible and agile approach to gathering the necessary skills and knowledge about this growing market. 

The Metaverse Academy includes:

  • demonstrations of the latest solutions in knowledge and skills transfer both for education and enterprise.
  • presentations of the company’s practices in engaging, supporting, and leading partner organizations in the implementation of XR solutions.
  • fundamental knowledge about the process of XR platform development, content development, and problem-solving with the use of XR.
  • the opportunity to discover experiences and take innovation to the next level within organizations.

The Metaverse Academy is included in all EON Reality grant and partnership programs and can be accessed via e-learning delivery. Please contact us at [email protected] to get started.

Have an impact on the future of the Knowledge Metaverse with EON Reality.