EON AI Assistants

Revolutionize Interactivity in Virtual and Physical Worlds.

EON AI Assistants

Innovative AI Assistants Set to Transform Learning, Business Operations, and Personal Wellness Experiences.

EON Reality’s AI Assistants provides immersive curriculum services using AI, augmented, and virtual reality. It transforms traditional content into 3D interactive learning.

This suite of AI-powered assistants is engineered to seamlessly merge digital and physical experiences, offering intuitive and interactive solutions across education, enterprise, and consumer sectors.

How it Works:

  1. Unveiling the EON Platform: The Nexus of Virtual and Physical Interactivity The EON Platform stands at the forefront of EON Reality’s innovation, with core components designed to revolutionize interactivity within both virtual and physical realms.
  2. The EON XR Family: Crafting Immersive Realities The EON XR Family, a cornerstone of this platform, specializes in creating immersive virtual environments where EON AI Assistants enable highly interactive experiences that closely mimic real-world interactions.
  3. Intelligence Meets Intuition: The EON Spatial AI Product Family The EON Spatial AI Product Family infuses these AI Assistants with sophisticated intelligence, enabling them to understand and engage with users in complex ways.
  4. Virtual Mastery with EON AI Assistants: In the virtual domain, EON AI Assistants enhance learning and exploration by interacting with users, explaining concepts, and guiding experiences.
  5. Bridging Worlds: EON AI Assistants in the Physical Realm In the physical world, they provide real-time support, effectively bridging the digital-physical divide.

EON AI Assistants for Education

The Education segment harnesses the power of EON AI Assistants to revolutionize traditional learning paradigms.

EON AI Hard Skills Assistant

EON AI Hard Skills Assistant: Transforms standard course materials into 3D immersive learning experiences, enabling students to engage with complex subjects like engineering and health science in a hands-on environment.

EON AI Soft Skills Assistant

EON AI Soft Skills AssistantThrough VR and AR, this assistant allows for practical role-play in domains such as finance and human resources, enhancing learners’ interpersonal skills.

EON AI Stories & Quest Assistant

EON AI Stories & Quest AssistantCreates interactive learning journeys, gamifying education and skill application within a narrative framework in a 3D world.

EON AI Explore Reality Assistant

EON AI Explore Reality Assistant: Uses digital twins to enrich educational settings, turning physical environments into interactive learning spaces.

EON AI Course Creator Assistant

EON AI Course Creator AssistantOffers educators the ability to auto-generate curricula, leveraging AI and XR for a more engaging learning experience.

EON AI Knowledge World Assistant

EON AI Knowledge World Assistant: Offers a variety of activities to explore, from creating your own content to immersing yourself in XR courses.

EON Virtual Campus

 EON Virtual Campus: Offers an unparalleled user experience journey in the realm of digital learning.

EON Explorer Hub

EON Explorer Hub: Offers a 24/7 experience of interacting with AI characters, learning from their stories and perspectives, and engaging in challenges and quests.

EON Character XR

EON Character XR: A unique blend of advanced conversational AI, universal accessibility, and immersive AR/VR experiences to create an engaging and educational environment for users of all ages and abilities.

EON AI Assistants for Enterprise

EON AI Hiring Assistant

EON AI Hiring Assistant: Optimizes the recruitment process with AI-driven candidate screening and virtual interviews.

EON AI Sales Assistant

EON AI Sales Assistant: Boosts global sales reach and customer engagement with round-the-clock availability and multilingual support.

EON AI Training Assistant

EON AI Training AssistantProvides immersive VR training modules, improving workforce skills and knowledge retention.

EON AI Support Assistant

EON AI Support AssistantEnhances customer support with AR interactions and advanced object recognition for real-time assistance.

EON AI Safety Assistant

EON AI Safety Assistant: Offers immersive training for workplace safety, ensuring compliance and reducing operational risks.

EON AI Expo Assistant

EON AI Expo Assistant: An expert guide that can help you navigate a virtual booth, demo products, answer questions, and track visitor engagement.

EON Virtual Enterprise World

EON Virtual Enterprise World: A unified virtual space that provides tailored industry-specific experiences, personalized virtual tours, detailed 3D product explorations, concise product options, and in-depth, interactive product demonstrations.

EON Enterprise Navigator

EON Enterprise Navigator: 

Assist enterprises solve their problems with a wide range of AI-powered solutions, including AI recruitment, sales boosts, VR training, AR support, VR safety simulations, virtual trade shows, and an enterprise XR platform.

EON AI Assistants for Consumers

EON AI Character XR Assistant

EON AI Character XR Assistant: Provides innovative AI tutors bring subjects like history and science to virtual life, enhancing learning through VR field trips and interactive lessons.

EON AI Mental Health Assistant

EON AI Mental Health AssistantProvides support for mental wellness through interactive, personalized experiences.

EON AI MACE Mental Health Assistant

EON AI MACE Mental Health Assistant: With EON AI MACE Mental Health Assistant, leverage AI to complement real-world care strategies such as behavioral therapy and social skills training, maximizing support for the child’s overall development.

EON AI Relationship Assistant

EON AI Relationship AssistantAssists users in strengthening personal relationships with AI-guided advice.

EON AI Guide Assistant

EON AI Guide Assistant: Acts as a personal guide for various informational contexts, enriching user experiences.

EON AI Lifestyle Assistant

EON AI Lifestyle Assistant: Helps users manage their lifestyle choices with smart, tailored suggestions.

EON AI Health Assistant

EON AI Health Assistant: Focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle by offering guidance and tracking support.

EON AI Career Guide Assistant

EON AI Career Guide Assistant: Aids in career development with strategies and tools for job success.

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