Project Description


Augmented Reality Soundbox Experience


Courts, one of the largest electronics retailers in Southeast Asia, was looking for an innovative solution to attract customers, improve the shopping experience, and ultimately improve sales of headphones in the store. There is a need for floor space and security as expensive headphones need to be prominently displayed and secured. Additionally, Courts wanted to improve on their ability to ‘upsell’ and offer accessories based on a customer’s choices.

  • Distinct Competitive Advantage
    There are thousands of retailers competing in the accessory market, specifically electronics. With stores offering the same products with around the same pricing, how can a retailer differentiate themselves from the competition and create a buying experience that drives sales. The increase in competition with online retailers is also forcing brick and mortar stores to create an improved shopping experience.
  • Drive Customer Engagement
    Customers are always looking for a better way to try products before buying them and get excited about finding a product they’ve fallen in love with. They also want friends and family to know that they’re buying new headphones and that they look great. Headphones are an interesting item as they are both hitech electronics and a fashion accessory. As such, a social component to the buying experience is a huge plus.


EON Reality developed the AR 3D Sound Box for Courts using the EON Interactive Mirror to solve these problems. Courts was able to provide an innovative experience for their customers by enabling them to digitally try on the latest headphones from Bose, Denon, Klipsch, Monster, Sennheiser, and Beats. The AR 3D Sound Box uses Augmented Reality to superimpose the latest headphones onto the user and lets them add a fun saying before sharing with their friends on facebook. This easy to use system let users quickly try several headphones, even those not in stock, and see what gave them this best look.

Better Floor Presence

Floor space is at a premium in retail and anything that optimizes floor space usage is a huge help. By creating a dynamic and interactive display, EON Reality created a display that efficiently used space, created an enjoyable shopping experience, and allowed for many more SKUs than a traditional headphone display would.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers are able to select virtual headphones and a message to share with their family and friends on Facebook/through social media. Messages like “On My Wish List” make it easy for customers to share their new look or drop a not so subtle hint. Through the tracking of a user’s movements, the AR Sound Box accurately positioned the digital headphones and also offered upsell items.


The AR 3D Soundbox, powered by EON Reality, was installed at Courts Megastore in Singapore as part of their major renovation in 2013.

At Courts we are constantly looking for new innovative solutions to drive customer engagement. We believe that the EON Interactive Mirror provides us with a new, innovative, fun and socially connected way to do shopping and we have been impressed with the solution delivered.
Terry O’ Connor, CEO, Courts Asia