Project Description

My Fan Fest Experience


The World Cup is the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world. The 2014 edition of the World Cup was seen by 3.2 billion viewers with one billion watching the final. The problem is that only a small fraction of this massive fan base was able to participate in the full experience of going to a game. The World Cup, and events like it, struggle to include fans who are unable to attend the matches.

  • Improve Visitor Engagement
    Visitors come from all over the world to attend a world cup match, but that match is only 90 minutes long and not all teams taste the final rounds of the tournament. There is a need for another experience to keep fans engaged.
  • Reach Locals
    Tickets to events like the world cup can be extremely pricey. With viewership of football/soccer cutting across many different income levels and demographics, organizers need to find a way to bring the local audience into the viewing experience.
  • Brand Experience
    During the world cup, spectators are bombarded with the sights and sounds of the games and their sponsors. How can these brands cut through the noise and have these spectators really connect with the world cup?


For the 2014 World Cup, EON Reality created a series of immersive experiences catered to football/soccer fans. These attractions were designed to improve the visitors’ experience while at the event and increase engagement. This Virtual Reality experience brought the history of the World Cup, the technology behind the game, and the experience of being on the pitch to thousands of attendees.

Engaging Fans

The Virtual Reality exhibit at the World Cup Fan Fest achieved strong visitor engagement throughout the event. Travelers and locals participated in multiple immersive experiences such as, experiencing what it is like to be on the field using the Icube, an interactive mirror which functioned as a virtual photo booth to make them a World Cup star.

Reaching Locals

The exhibit on the beach was free to attend and was right next to several of the sponsor’s booths. Guests who traveled to Copa Cabana beach were able to experience the sights and sounds of the World Cup virtually. This made it possible for thousands of fans to participate in the event who otherwise would only be able to watch on TV.

Better Brand Presence

Through the Virtual Reality exhibit, the World Cup was able to let users experience the World Cup brand like never before. The experience highlighted the sights and sounds of the competition and let the visitors truly experience what the World Cup was all about.

The World Cup festival
The World Cup line
The World Cup showroom


Over the period of one month 11,000 people enjoyed a series of immersive experiences keeping fans engaged through out the duration of the World Cup.