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Megadeth Dystopia – Virtual Reality Music Experience

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Megadeth and Universal Music were looking for a creative way to grow album sales for Megadeth’s 15th studio album, Dystopia. With the growth in digital downloads and music streaming, sales of physical albums and associated media have declined. Universal Music and Megadeth also wanted to give their fans a unique experience that they couldn’t get through traditional means. This required them to produce something original in order to increase album sales and please their fans.

  • Stay Innovative
    Megadeth was the first to establish a band website. They are constantly looking to be innovative and searching for the “next big thing.”
  • Increase Album Sales 
    Album sales have declined because digital music consumption is rapidly growing with on-demand streaming and downloads. Trips to the record story are becoming a thing of the past.
  • Engage Fans
    Like all successful bands, Megadeth wants to immerse their fans in their music.  Megadeth wants to give a cutting edge experience to their fans that traditional means have failed to provide.


EON Reality teamed up with CEEK VR, Inc and Universal Music Group to release Megadeth Dystopia VR Experience a takeover of CEEK VR, the next generation social Virtual Reality platform. Megadeth’s Dystopia VR Experience includes five performances filmed in 360 degree video, an interview with the band, a produced 360 degree music video, and a Virtual Reality environment for fans to interact with each other.

First VR Album Release

Megadeth’s Dystopia represents the first time an album was released along side a Virtual Reality experience. To get this fans could purchase a premium version of the album that contained a Megadeth VR Headset, a Megadeth Dystopia CD, and the access code to unlock the mobile app to see their performances.

Improve Store Visibility

EON Reality designed the Megadeth Virtual Reality experience to not just engage fans but also to stand out on store shelves. By combining Megadeth’s rich visuals and spellbinding performances with cutting edge Virtual Reality technology, fans had a reason to rush to their local store and pick up a copy of the deluxe version of the album.

Immersive Experience

Through this this application, EON Reality and CEEK VR created a completely new immersive experience that gives Megadeth’s fans a front row seat to their exclusive performance. Fans from around the world can “rock out” with their friends whether they’re in the same room or across the globe and get to know the band in a way they never have before.


EON Reality and CEEK VR have created a completely immersive experience by the band, for the fans that gives users a chance to experience the band in a way that is unlike anything they have seen before.

This is a real magical experience where you’re transported from wherever you’re at to being right there with us!
Dave Mustaine, Megadeth Lead Vocalist

The project proved to be a hit with the fans. The deluxe album sold out in the first week and subsequent runs of the deluxe version have had strong sales.

Virtual Reality Music Experience Megadeth Dystopia