Project Description


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To be a successful in American Football, a player needs to be strong, fast, agile, and have full command of their team’s playbook. A quarterback’s mind needs to be able to quickly recognize a defense and instinctively react. The wide receivers need to know their routes. The defensive backs needs to understand their coverages. The ability to for these players to understand the game comes from realistic game speed repetitions. On the field practice can only go so far, as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and other governing bodies limit practice time. Additionally, more practice means more chance for injury and less time for studying film or the playbook.

  • Limited Practice Time
    The NCAA and High School’s limit playing and practice seasons and, in particular, the number of hours that a student-athlete may participate in athletics. However, the more time students practice the better they are.
  • Game Film Is Boring
    Currently players supplement their practice routines by watching game film and studying play books, but this is minimally effective as game film happens to be from the sideline perspective and is not interactive.
  • Injury Prevention
    Full speed practice results in full speed injuries. A major key to success is keeping your players healthy. How can teams extend practice, see full speed game like repetitions, and keep their athletes healthy?


EON Reality’s solution to help athletes increase the amount of plays they are exposed to is SIDEKIQ, a Virtual Reality simulator that allows coaches to easily create any play they want. This play is created using the traditional Xs and Os format and then can be viewed from a third person view or in Virtual Reality. When an athlete is in Virtual Reality, they feel as if they are on the field and in real live game action.

Guided Self Practice

Coaches create plays with a drag-and-drop interface and can assign a wide variety of animations to make the game come to life. The players can view the game from any angle in a traditional X’s and O’s format, a third person point of view, and an in-eyes point of view. This increases repetitions the players can see and allows them to experience their full playbook at home.

Better Retention of Game Concepts

By adding Virtual Reality to game preparation, athletes can have a better understanding of their playbook and how their offensive or defensive schemes work. With the current generation of athletes growing on football video games, SIDEKIQ trains these athletes in a way that they are accustomed to.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Athletes can train their brains without the physical wear and tear that accompanies typical practice. This is crucial in building “football” smarts while preventing season ending injuries. Additionally, athletes rehabbing injuries can keep up with the mental side of the game even if they’re unable to practice.


America’s 4.3 million youth football players can gain access to upper tier training by playing against over 150 defenses, the equivalent to half a season’s worth of games.

We are excited to be coming in on the front end of this new wave of technology that is designed to supplement the on-field and classroom work that our quarterbacks are already doing. Obviously, there is no real substitute for being on the field when it comes to getting our players ready for game action. However, this virtual reality technology allows us to enhance the learning experience for our quarterbacks without requiring them to put in additional time on the practice fields.
Jason Licht, Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager