Project Description


Spring Illusion in the City


Raffles City Mall, part of the CapitaLand mall chain, wanted to add audience participation to their Spring Illusion in the City fashion event. The event, which ran through the month of April, highlighted the latest in Spring fashion, but offered the attendees little in the way of interaction. With over three million visitors passing through the mall each month, a fashion show at the mall needed to be more hands on for visitors.

  • Fashion Not Accessible
    Fashion Shows, even for brands targeted at the general consumer, are pretty exclusive events and audience participation is limited to watching models parade around in the latest garments. To turn a fashion show into a month long event takes creativity, and some unique technical solutions.
  • Mass Brand Exposure
    The logistical challenge of showcasing brands like Guess, Kate Spade, Levi’s, Espirit, and others to thousands of people a day is enormous. The traditional clothes buying/trying process cannot accommodate the amount of traffic they would receive. Additionally, the sanitary and shoplifting problems such a traditional setup would quickly bankrupt such an operation.


EON Reality created “Virtually Perfect Choices,” an Augmented Reality virtual try on application, for Raffles City Mall to use during the Spring Illusion in the city event in April. The application used two EON Interactive Mirrors to showcase leading fashion brands such as Guess, Kate Spade, Levis, Topshop, Desigual, Esprit and Shanghai Tang. Guests were able to try on 3D garments ‘on-the-go’ in a fun and engaging with the digital clothes superimposed on their image. With the ability to mix and match clothing and accessories, users were able to create thousands of different looks with just a flick of their hand. Guests could also share their fashion creations with their friends on Facebook.

Full Body and Face Tracking

To make the digital garments look real, EON Reality utilized Microsoft’s Kinect technology to provide real-time skeleton tracking. This ensured that the user experience would be as natural as possible for users trying on the digital clothes. Also, intuitive gestures were incorporated into the display so that novice Augmented Reality users could easily operate the experience.

Attention Grabber

The EON Interactive Mirror was an important part of Spring Illusion as it helped engage users and put thousands of visitors into a dressing room. Not only did the experience add a whole new level of user interaction to their Spring Illusion event but it brought brands to people who otherwise might not have tried on their clothes. The integration with social media let visitors and their friends share in the experience as well.


The “Virtually Perfect Choices” was a hit at Raffles City Mall during the 2012 Spring Illusion in the city event from April 16th – May 2nd.