Project Description


AIS Future Experience


AIS, a subsidiary of SingTel, wanted to show customers at its flagship store what communications could look like in one hundred years and how AIS is leading the way in bringing these technologies to Thailand. They wanted to have their customers experience a future in which screens do not exist and that their network, both communications and personal, is literally all around them. However, to get this view of the future AIS needed to simulate and represent what technology a hundred years in the future would look like.

  • Screens Don’t Exist
    In AIS’ concept of future, computers, phones, and tablets are not needed for communication. The technology needed to communicate is present in wearables, glasses or lenses, or even implanted in the body. How do you represent a screenless view of the future when most display devices utilize screens?
  • Network Surrounds Users
    AIS feels that communications in the future will be analogous to meeting whomever you want in the main square of town. The communications and your personal network will be available at all times and you can instantly connect with your friends or even those outside your network.


EON Reality created an experience for AIS that featured two side-by-side EON Icube Mobiles to simulate communication and interaction from two locations. In this experience, Users can experience virtualized communications, enabling them to converse and explore several locations such as a Rooftop Café, Sky River or Sky Carousel. Guests can snap photos inside the simulation and share it in a virtual reality representation of Bangkok in the year 2100.

virtual reality future communications Icube

Experience The Future

By using two cubes, the AIS Future Experience is able to portray remote communication and shared virtual spaces. Visitors enter their own EON Icube Mobiles and call each other to begin the experience. From there they can experience three different experiences: a comfortable rooftop cafe where the users can catch up and enjoy a chat, a romantic sky river journey, and an adrenaline fueled sky carousel where the users experience a form of interactive sky diving.

Futuristic Vision

Beyond creating a great experience for their guests, the AIS Future Experience created an enticing attraction for mall-goers to experience. Advertisements in and around the mall brought people to the AIS flagship store to experience the attraction. Once there, visitors had a chance to see AIS’ vision for the future of communication and built confidence that they were the wireless carrier of the future.

virtual reality future communications experience
virtual reality future communications AIS


The AIS future experience was installed at “Your Ultimate Zone” in the AIS Flagship Store, 4th floor of Central World, the world’s sixth largest shopping complex, in central Bangkok, Thailand. Visitors could enter the experience for free.

AIS cooperated with Singtel and international vendors including EON Reality to introduce the world’s first “Future Cube” innovation featuring “Immersive Experience” providing customers with rich, complete and most virtual telecoms experience like never before. With more than 60 million Baht investment, the Future Cube were developed and demonstrated at AIS Flagship Store, 4th floor of Central World
Somchai Lertsuitiwong, Chief Marketing Officers at AIS
virtual reality future communications immersive experience