Project Description

Virtual Reality Soccer Experience


Brands need to continually innovate in order to cut through the noise of a crowded market place. Even highly established brands who control a major share of their market, are continually innovating and evolving their outreach to customers. One key area of improvement for brands is to have people actively engage with their brands. Events, contests, and other competitive activities help accomplish this, but brands are looking for ways to totally immerse their customers in their brand message.

  • Differentiation
    Outside of their brand message, most brands are communicating to their customers the same way. Packaging redesigns, sponsorships, and giveaways are great tools for brands to use to differentiate themselves. However, these are available to everyone and they really don’t allow for a customer to be totally immersed in the brand story.
  • Tell a Better Story
    Brands are looking for ways to get their customers engaged with their message. Videos and advertisements are losing their impact in the age of five second attention spans and video games. How can a brand grab a customer’s attention and hold it long enough for the marketing message to work.


EON Reality created a branded interactive football (soccer) experience for a major soft drink brand for use in their VIP area at the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. The experience placed fans on the pitch of Brazil’s famous Maracana stadium where they blocked penalty kicks as a goalie as well as took penalty kicks, free kicks, and corners. VIPs who were enjoying the hospitality suite could participate in their own World Cup action. The experience was presented in a branded EON Icube Mobile which allowed for a totally immersive experience.


Instead of playing a two-dimensional video game or watching an exciting highlight reel, VIPs were able to have the experience of stepping on the field of one of the most famous venues in all of soccer. This experience let visitors experience the brand in a way they couldn’t before.

Part of the story

By immersing the VIPs in the football (soccer) experience, the brand story became the VIPs story. They stopped being a viewer and became an active participant. Not only were the visitors entertained, but they paid attention throughout the experience and were fully immersed in the brand’s message.


This experience conveyed to the VIPs the brand’s long standing commitment to supporting sporting events in an entertaining way. These VIPs were able to jump into the shoes of a professional athlete. This experience added a significant level of excitement and fun to the hospitality suite.