Project Description

Virtual Reality Christmas Experience


313@Somerset, a retail complex in Singapore, wanted to improve their holiday sales and improve the holiday customer experience. Shopping during this period generates 20% of retail revenue and the holiday season can make or break retail stores. 313@Somerset wanted to increase the length of customer visits, differentiate their holiday experience, and the trip to a crowded mall worth it.

  • Improve visit length
    Retail center operators want to keep consumers in stores longer, especially during the holidays. The traditional holiday mall experience centers around children visiting with Santa.
  • Differentiation is key
    Mall operators struggle to make their facilities stand out from other malls. The holiday season is a great example of this, most malls offer same experience as the majority of malls around the world.
  • Retailers competing with the internet
    E-commerce has changed the way consumers shop, making it less likely for consumers to have the need to physically shop, especially during the busy periods over the holidays. Even when they do shop, it’s typically to pick up a product they viewed online … not to browse.


EON Reality created an immersive Virtual Reality sleigh experience for 313@Somerset. Visitors would experience a Christmas themed land and collect presents to help Santa with his deliveries. The EON Icube Mobile immersed visitors in a winter wonderland and created a unique holiday experience as well as fun gameplay. This provided a much improved holiday shopping experience. The children were entertained and the parents could shop in a much more relaxed environment.

Improved holiday experience

The Virtual Reality experience attracted consumers to physically visit 313@Somerset during the crowded holiday shopping season. The experience was a key differentiator considering that most malls employ the traditional Santa-in-the-mall holiday experience.

More visibility, more revenue

Parents waited in line as their children to enjoyed the Virtual Reality experience. During this time parents, stayed in the store longer and were exposed to the mall’s advertisements, brands, and products. Happy children equals happy parents.


313@Somerset leveraged the EON Icube Mobile over the holiday season to build engagement and create an enjoyable shopping experience. Overall the installation received heavy traffic during the holiday season and was well received by visitors.

“313@somerset has always taken an innovative approach to improving our shoppers’ experiences at the mall. We are constantly on a lookout for new technology that can help us engage on a deeper level with our digitally connected shoppers. We are thrilled to have successfully developed a game with our partner EON Reality, that combines the visual effects of IMAX theatres and interactive game play of Nintendo’s Wii to bring this magical Christmas story to life.” – Cheryl Goh, General Manager of 313@somerset.