Segafredo Zanetti’s Espresso Brand has released its new Augmented Reality App, developed in partnership with EON Reality, enabling fine coffee lovers and Formula 1 fans to take a ride with McLaren Honda and Segafredo Zanetti France.


Segafredo 3D is a mobile app, delivered on 1.4 million coffee packs, that immerses Segafredo consumers into a real Formula 1 experience through Augmented Reality (AR). The app has an interactive selfie mode, and an Augmented Reality mode that brings a real model of a McLaren Honda Formula 1 race car to life.

Selfie more allows users to take a selfie with the McLaren Honda driver suit, which is saved to the user’s mobile gallery. The AR mode is activated by objects featuring the brand’s logo, such as Segafredo « Intermezzo et Casa » coffee packets, by simply pointing the mobile device’s camera at it. A 3D model of a McLaren Formula 1 Honda is instantly rendered and users can view it from all angles through their mobile device. A life-size printed Segafredo Zanetti logo may be requested by filling out a form on the app that creates a life-size Augmented Reality rendering of a McLaren Formula 1 Honda.

Segafredo 3D is available on the Apple Store, Google Play, and is coming soon to the EON Experience VR Library.

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