The Challenge

Pilots and ground crew will inspect every part of an aircraft before takeoff, whether on large commercial aircraft or smaller private planes. As with anything, it is more efficient to learn how to perform a pre-flight inspection by doing one. The problem is that in order to to train on the multitude of planes a pilot or crew member will see in their career a training facility will need an impractical number of planes. The need to access an aircraft for training increases costs, lengthens training, and introduces a number of safety issues for trainees.

The Cost of Effective Training

The need to access a physical aircraft to train on increases the cost of training significantly. This is due to two factors: the high cost of aircraft restricts the amount of hands on time trainees get due to limited equipment but also limits the types of aircraft these trainees have access too. For basic procedures this may be sufficient, but for specialized maintenance and less common aircraft this can be a serious issue.

Unable to Simulate Potential Situations

Working with a real plane limits the scenarios a pilot can practice. Trainees are unable to realistically simulate all the issues they may face in a maintenance or pre-flight situation.

The Solution

EON Reality worked closely with subject matter experts on the development of a realistic and detailed immersive Virtual Reality pre-flight and maintenance simulator. The VR training includes a virtual walk-around similar to what you might experience on the runway. The trainee will approach the plane and make the same inspection they’d perform in the real world using the same checklist. During the virtual pre-flight inspection pilots and ground crew learn everything needed for the specific plane they are training on without needing a real aircraft.

Reduce Cost Without Reducing Quality

Pilots and crew no longer have wait around for the few training aircraft to be open for use and training centers no longer have to purchase additional aircraft. They are able to get the same hands-on experience through Virtual Reality without the overhead of additional aircraft.

Virtually Prepare for Real Situations

The Virtual Reality environment allows trainees to simulate pre-flight checks and maintenance of a variety of aircraft not just the training equipment at their specific training center or school. Additionally, Virtual Reality empowers these trainees to experience maintenance cases and situations they may only see once in a career.

The Results

The pre-flight checks and maintenance are crucial to safe flight and now the Aviation Maintenance Trainer provide a safer and more cost-effective means of learning this crucial step. The simulation provides an immersive environment enables trainees to gain hands on experience performing their pre-flight checks. Through this immersive environment these trainees are able to learn faster, remember longer, and decide better.