The Challenge

The Lactalis Group, the world leader in the milk and cheese industry, needed a new way to market their products. Shifting dietary patterns, health concerns, and plant based alternatives to milk have softened the demand for milk in France and elsewhere. Lactalis needed a way to strengthen the perception that milk was necessary for a healthy lifestyle, integral to the French culinary tradition, and build a stronger brand with a younger generation that is increasingly passing on milk.

Dietary Concerns

Consumption of milk historically has been linked to strong healthy bones due to its calcium content and seen as a part of a balanced diet. However, the public’s increasing preference for lower fat diets and awareness of lactose intolerance have contributed to declining consumption.

Hard to Brand

As a milk company, building a brand past the grocery store aisle is a difficult task and reaching a technology savvy audience makes that even more challenging. How can Lactalis grow their brand recognition with young consumers with a very traditional product.

The Solution – Immersive Learning Kitchen

EON Reality was selected by Lactalis to develop an interactive Virtual Reality experience for their Lactel milk brand, allowing consumers to engage in an immersive learning kitchen centered around Lactalis products. The application, “Mes crêpes Lactel®,” has users preparing crepes, a traditional French food, in a virtual kitchen with Lactel milk as a key ingredient. As the ingredients are added to the crepe batter, the user learns where each ingredient fits into their daily diet. The application leverages game inspired content to help communicate the health benefits of milk as well as showcase Lactel and Lactalis as an innovative dairy company.

Health Benefits

The VR application showcases milk’s place in a balanced diet through cooking traditional French food in an immersive learning kitchen. By highlighting the nutritional value of milk, Lactel wants the user to walk away with an awareness of the health benefits of cooking with and drinking milk.

Innovative Branding

Rather than a traditional advertisement, “Mes crêpes Lactel®” allows the user to get a hands on experience with their brand and see how their products can be used. The application which combines game elements with nutritional information allows Lactel to reach a younger demographic. It’s a playful, yet serious, application that is fun while still communicating its brand message: that Lactelmilk is an important part of French cuisine and your diet.

The Results

“Mes crêpes Lactel®” was showcased at Laval Virtual with Atlantic Santé and Lactel on March 22-26 2017.