The Challenge

Atlas Copco wanted to improve their sales process and shorten their sales cycle for their worldwide sales distributor organization and thousands of salespeople. They also needed the salesperson to select a compressor, visually plan the layout in real-time, provide a complete quote, and generate a bill of materials. Any immersive solution they deployed was required to continuously update over the internet.


To properly configure a system the pressure drop and airflow of a system needs to be calculated and changes to the layout will affect this leading to the need to recalculate the system. This requires specialized skills and/or engineering support which leads to a longer sales cycle.

Sizable Catalogue

Atlas Copco’s AIRNET line has a sizeable catalog of SKUs that cover a range of different pipe lengths and diameters, nipples, fittings, compressors, and other accessories needed to build a complete compressed air system. These need to be kept up to date in order for a quotation to be accurate.

The Immersive Solution

EON Reality developed the immersive solution, AIRNET Planner, a configuration tool for the AIRNET piping product and compressor equipment. The AIRNET Planner allows users, such as account managers, installers, and technicians, to configure an entire Atlas Copco based solution in an easy-to-use online environment. All Atlas Copco products, totaling more than 1,000 to date, are converted from CAD allowing for instant dynamic loading and configuration directly from the cloud or device memory. In addition, snapshot functionality generates installation images on the fly to explain pipe layouts and connections better for the installer. The AIRNET planner also contains an algorithm that automatically calculates critical design parameters, such as pressure drop and free air flow, as the layout is built.

Shortened Sales Cycle

Customers benefit from a consistent product sales presentation approach and improved salesperson performance. With the system generating quotes, bill of materials, and 3D drawings in real time, customers can view their AIRNET system while it’s being quoted and make changes early in the sales process to reduce turnaround time.

Visual Configuration

The entire AIRNET product catalog is available for the customer to include in their AIRNET system. This reduces the amount of on hand inventory sales reps need to carry. Additionally, no special training or skills are needed to configure an AIRNET system with the AIRNET planner so even those mathematically challenged can quote out AIRNET systems.

The Results

The AIRNET Planner has been in use by Atlas Copco’s sales team since 2009 and has seen several revisions through its life cycle. The application is currently used by over 3,000 sales representatives.

“Innovation has always been a major drive of the Product Development strategy of Atlas Copco. When evaluating the development of our new AIRNET range to build an air network, we realized that the building process is a time consuming business. Therefore, the key design criteria of our AIRNET are assembly time and modularity, to guarantee that installations are performed in no time with extreme flexibility. With the AIRNET Planner we invented a new business concept to cut down the business time. From the EON Space Planner based AIRNET Planner, you can evaluate the technical performance (pressure drop) and create a full customized quotation. The AIRNET Planner inventories all items required and provide step by step assembly sequences to accelerate the job of the fitters. AIRNET network installation is becoming significantly faster and efficient.”

Alain LefrancAftermarket Product Manager, Atlas Copco, Industrial Air Division