The Challenge

Petroskills, a global leader in education and training in the Petroleum industry, was looking for a way to improve their Geoscience classes. Specifically, the classes that involved field trips to various rock outcroppings for evaluation. This enables geologists to understand the location of crude oil and water reservoirs under the earth by analyzing the sedimentary layers of exposed rock. This field trip portion increased the cost of the classes, the length the classes took, and added safety issues for the trainees due to the remote nature of these rock outcroppings. Petroskills were in need of a product that enables remote virtual education capabilities.

Remote Locations

The rock outcropings that the Petroskills typically visits are located in Colorado a couple of hours from the nearest airport. Not only does the class have to travel to Colorado, but they have to trek into the wilderness to examine these rock outcroppings.

Cost of the Class

Even with a class based in the same region as the rock outcroppings, the trainees had to drive a few hours to visit the site. Not only does the cost of travel increase the cost of the class, but the extended time that the class took results in additional costs for Petroskills.

Safety of Trainees

With the class traveling to remote locations, the potential for injury and accidents grow substantially. The distance to health care facilities and the variety of fitness levels the trainees have can lead to dangerous situations out in the field.

The Solution: Remote Virtual Education

EON Reality developed a virtual field trip solution that consists of a Virtual Reality visualization of five outcropping locations. The class can view the outcrops on a topological map and can zoom into each individual outcropping to examine them in detail. In addition, a set of sample analysis tools are available such as bedding thickness and strike/dip. Petroskills offers this solution to any of its Geoscience courses in locations that do not have access to an outcropping.

No Travel Needed

Suitable rock outcroppings are often located in remote areas. For trainees and instructors to reach them is a costly headache. Now with the Virtual Rock Outcropping, trainees do not have to travel and reduce the time they need to devote to the class.

Reduced Cost

With trainees no longer having to make the trip to an off site rock outcrop, Petroskills can shorten their classes and reduce the costs associated with traveling to remote outcroppings. This results in substantial cost savings to both Petroskills and their trainees.

Improved Safety

By bringing the rock outcropping to the trainees, Petroskills has eliminated the risk of injuries sustained in traveling to rock outcroppings in remote locations. Sprained ankles and poor fitness are no longer potential pitfalls to successfully completing a training session.

The Results

Petroskills offers this solution to any of its Geoscience courses in locations that do not have access to an outcropping. Through EON Reality’s technology trainees are Learning Faster, Remembering Longer, Deciding Better.

“The system is ideal for gaining field outcrop experiences in the classroom.”

Tom TemplesPetroskills Instructor