University for Business and Technology, Kosovo

A respected technology-based school, UBT is one of the most prolific creators of EON-XR lessons in the entire world.

About UBT

University for Business and Technology is one of Kosovo’s top-rated schools, and a regional powerhouse in technology. Under the guidance of UBT President, Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, the university has created countless high-quality EON-XR lessons and become one of the top content contributors to the world’s XR academic database.

How UBT is Using EON-XR

Professors and students alike at UBT have become experts at developing high-quality lessons for a wide variety of subjects. Their top performing lessons around the world include subjects such as architecture, electronics, medicine, and engineering. The depth of UBT’s lessons is only matched by the quantity they create.

Example Lessons Created by UBT