The University of the West Indies, Open Campus, Barbados, The Caribbean

With an Open Campus system spanning the Caribbean, UWI is spreading EON-XR throughout the region.

About UWI

As an Open Campus system connecting students in a multitude of locales and nations in the Carribean, The University of the West Indies provides academic and career training to a massive amount of students. Through this large and diverse population, UWI has become one of the most important EON Reality partners since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

How UWI is Using EON-XR

Due to the scale at which EON-XR was rolled out to UWI, it was of the utmost importance that students and faculty alike understand the software’s range of possibilities. For that reason, many of UWI’s top instructors were trained by EON Reality’s Customer Success Department to design thorough, complex lessons with a variety of activities and features regardless of subject matter.

Example Lessons Created by UWI