Vaal University of Technology, South Africa

One of EON Reality’s longstanding partners, Vaal University of Technology is South Africa’s leader in EON-XR development.

About Vaal University of Technology

After beginning with an EON Reality pilot program in early 2020, Vaal University of Technology (VUT) quickly became a beacon of EON-XR’s possibilities in South Africa. The Gauteng-based regional leader in technology soon found additional uses for EON-XR throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ultimately becoming a regional XR powerhouse.

How VUT is Using EON-XR

As a technology-focused university, VUT has created some of the most advanced lessons, courses, and content available in EON-XR’s library. As an international institution drawing students from dozens of countries, VUT’s top lessons come with a multitude of languages, cultural backgrounds, and accessibility options to include as many users as possible.

Example Lessons Created by VAAL University