Augmented & Virtual Reality Education

At EON Reality we believe that knowledge is a human right. We also believe in the transformative power of experiential learning using augmented or virtual reality education solutions. These solutions actively engage learners resulting in faster learning, better retention, and improved decision making.

Unlock thousands of premium 3D assets and applications. Access 20 years of EON’s experience in the EON Vault.

Magi Chapel in VR

EON Reality captured the Magi Chapel in Virtual Reality to share its beauty with the world and preserve it for generations to come.

The Journey of Howard Carter

Follow the journey of Howard Carter into the Valley of the Kings in VR and see Tut's Tomb as it was discovered.

VR Maintenance Training

Virtual Reality training experience to guide metalworkers through digital versions of the key procedures for bearing maintenance.

King Tut VR

See the awe inspiring hieroglyphics and Death Mask of Tutankhamun up close from the comfort of your own home.

Remote Learning VR Laboratory Training

Virtual Reality laboratory training allows students to learn how to react to stressful situations and perform emergency procedures.

AR Training: Engine Maintenance

This augmented reality application teaches the basics of diesel engine maintenance through a series of gamified AR lessons.

Network Rail VR Safety

A story-driven app that warns of the hazards of level crossings through several VR experiences.

Virtual Reality Kitchen

“Mes crêpes Lactel®,” has users preparing crepes in a virtual kitchen with Lactel milk as a key ingredient.

Engine Explorer

A series of applications for Temasek’s aerospace students designed to promote higher engagement through interaction.

The Problem


Budgets are shrinking, class sizes are increasing, and the amount of knowledge students need to absorb grows every day. There is a need to put into action new learning solutions that enable teachers teach more with less – time, money, and experience.


The business world is prioritizing creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving making traditional methods of teaching, such as rote memorization, no longer sufficient to teach students, especially with the availability of information online.


Students today are bombarded with distractions which are much more appealing that classwork. We need a learning system that is scalable and wildly entertaining so we can awaken a student’s curiosity for learning and make learning addictive.

AR/VR Solution

Faster Learning

Because of the sensory and experiential of VR and AR, learners of all three modalities – kinesthetic, visual, and auditory – benefit from Augmented and Virtual Reality education and achieve faster learning while developing higher level cognitive skills.

Higher Level Knowledge Transfer

Augmented and Virtual Reality education solutions empower students to learn-by-doing by directly engaging with their subject matter through immersive interactive experiences. Learning transitions from traditional memorization giving students the ability to apply, analyze, evaluate their knowledge improving creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.

Attention through Greater Level of Engagement

These Augmented and Virtual Reality education solutions and lessons create an environment in which students are actively participating in their learning material and are incentivized through gamification as well as assessment.