The year’s final update for EON-XR adds a number of new features and improvements to users of the flagship platform, so let’s take a quick look at some of the major enhancements and a quick step-by-step guide on how to create a new EON-XR experience.

Merged XR Features
Perhaps the biggest improvements within EON-XR’s 9.3 release come for those using Merged XR. The first (and most obvious) addition is the new carousel feature for knowledge portals. This means that rather than viewing one portal at a time, they can expand to all appear in a rounded “carousel” format surrounding the user’s field of view. We’ve also added the ability to add assessment portals (quizzes, measured activities, etc.) within Merged XR, and the 3D recording and assessment functions have been improved to utilize the user’s avatar rather than a floating hand.

Easy Importation
A number of small and large changes to the importation system within EON-XR have launched with the 9.3 release. For one thing, 360° images can now be imported into the app directly rather than requiring additional tools on a computer. We’ve also improved the UI for uploading new images and PDFs within an experience, increased the content delivery speed by tenfold, squashed a bug regarding not being able to retry 3D asset conversions, and the screen recording video quality for Android devices has been drastically improved. Additionally, users will now be able to distribute VR content created using other programs (utilizing engines such as Unity and Unreal) to their fellow EON-XR members as well.

Playlist Improvements
If you’re one of the many users who finds the playlist tool within EON-XR useful, the 9.3 release brings a number of upgrades to the feature. The improvement you’ll likely notice right away is the ability to drag and drop lessons both on the web portal and mobile app. It makes reordering the sequence of lessons within a playlist super easy and intuitive, and it means that teachers, trainers, and other lesson creators can swap around their lesson plans as needed in the blink of an eye. We’ve also improved the visibility and loading time for the thumbnails, and increased the stabilization of the entire thing.

3D Avatar Selection
While the 3D avatars themselves are not new to EON-XR’s 9.3 release, the latest version makes them better and easier to use than ever. Users can now select their preferred avatar from within their Account Settings, and that preference will be saved for all future uses of EON Spatial Meetings. Of course, those who don’t save their favorite avatar will still be prompted to choose one for each meeting, meaning that users will still be able to swap out their avatar any time they want, if they so choose. As we mentioned earlier, 3D recordings will now feature the user’s avatar as well, so selecting your favorite means you and your colleagues/classmates will be seeing a lot of them

Automatic Alignment/Resizing
Digital Twin technology has been a game changer for EON Reality’s solutions, but it still required quite a bit of tinkering to get the digital 3D models to line up perfectly with their real-life counterparts. With the 9.3 release, that constant need to shrink and grow 3D models to appropriate sizes is significantly lessened, as EON Spatial Meetings now offer automatic alignment at the beginning of every session. Other improvements in the area include brand new shadow and HDR settings, the ability to scale an object to its “actual size” and save it directly within the app, and even a brand new movement tool to easily reposition assets in AR mode using only two fingers.

As always, there are a ton of other small bug fixes and improvements that rolled out with the 9.3 release. Make sure you stay tuned for more updates coming in the future.