The Collaboration Brings World-Class EON-XR Solutions to OFPPT students and interns.

IRVINE, CA, January 18, 2022 – EON Reality, the global leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, has partnered with the Office of Vocational Training and Labor Promotion (OFPPT) in Morocco to create a new knowledge metaverse hub for 1700 students and 50 different internships.

Founded in 1974, OFPPT is Morocco’s central public vocational training operator. With 368 training institutes in the country, they’ve trained hundreds of thousands of students in a variety of fields, including Aeronautics, Metal Construction, Mechanical Manufacturing, and Thermal Engineering. OFPPT has also committed to helping create training centers and courses in other African countries. Given its educational legacy and its continued expansion and innovation, OFPPT is a celebrated addition to EON Reality’s expanding international network. The institution will build on EON Reality’s success with other Moroccan partners while distinguishing themselves as invaluable members of the knowledge metaverse.

“OFPPT has trained a sizeable portion of Morocco’s workforce for decades. Their programs and internships are integral to the operation of local industries, many of which have a global impact. We’re elated that their students will now have access to EON Reality technology,” says EON Reality founder Dan Lejerskar. “With the variety of fields in which OFPPT offers training, they’ll soon become invaluable contributors to the knowledge metaverse, helping us broaden the scope of educational information available in Morocco while bringing more of the country’s students, companies, and institutions to the metaverse.”

With the new EON-XR delivery and welcome to the knowledge metaverse, OFPPT’s educators will offer “hands-on” training to their students without the usual logistical restrictions that may have hindered past trainees. With lifelike 3D models and immersive environments at their students’ virtual fingertips, instructors can create stimulating and interactive lessons and experiences for those at OFPPT sites as well as those studying remotely.

As EON Reality’s latest partner in its mission to bring the knowledge metaverse worldwide, OFPPT perfectly exemplifies an institution that can create a mutually beneficial relationship with the XR leader. The initial partnership will provide EON-XR solutions for students and faculty to introduce them to the knowledge metaverse. Soon enough, though, students, interns, and instructors in every field at OFPPT will become leading industry-specific contributors to the global project — creating and disseminating lessons and experiences centered around vocational training and labor for users regardless of location or background.

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