EON Reality’s Chairman Dan Lejerskar started off the VR After Dark event on September 15th at the University of Alberta in Edmonton as the Keynote Speaker. Mr. Lejerskar did a horizon scan of the present and future of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in academic settings around the globe.

Martin Ferguson-Pell, the organizer of the event, and attendees are joined remotely by EON Reality’s Frank Botdorf

“By letting learners get ‘hands on’ experience in a virtual environment, it enables them to accelerate the traditional learning process and it also creates competitive advantages to its users. AR and VR learning is an efficient knowledge transfer solutions, i.e. students understand faster, remember longer, and decide therefore better,” stated Dan Lejerskar, Chairman, EON Reality, Inc.

The event was hosted and organized by the University of Alberta Faculties of Engineering, Medicine & Dentistry, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Science. VR After Dark presented a series of micro-talks on the opportunities for Virtual and Augmented Reality in education, training, and healthcare.

Martin Ferguson-Pell, a professor in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and organizer of the event said: “We were delighted that over 250 faculty and students came to hear the presentations and learn about the exciting potential of virtual and augmented reality for healthcare applications. The participants saw examples of 3D visualization to support learning in the health professions and most importantly actual applications of VR/AR in the delivery of advanced clinical care for the treatment of head and neck cancer, cardiac surgery and rehabilitation.”

The University’s goal is to become an early leader in the development of high quality virtual content that goes beyond gaming into education, training, and simulation. The event’s purpose was to educate the public, students, and anyone interested in Virtual and Augmented Reality, about the work of professors from around campus in this field, and learn about the potential opportunities.