How are healthcare training providers using AR and VR on EON-XR to create true to life, hands on IV insertion training for clinicians?

Inserting, monitoring and maintaining intravenous (IV) access are essential components of nursing,with an estimated 50- 70% of patients having some form of IV access device inserted as part of their treatment.  Yet it is not without risk. When done incorrectly, complications can range from mild local irritation to blood stream infections associated with significant mortality and morbidity. Therefore it critical that clinicians are trained in the administration of an IV, to reduce and prevent complications.

In this series of hands-on immersive lessons created wholly on EON-XR, students can now learn to locate veins subject to IV insertions and perform the procedure in a safe, risk-free environment. Alongside the procedural instructions, students will also learn how to define the key terms associated with IV insertions, explain patient considerations when inserting an IV and explain how to document IV insertions. Students will have multiple opportunities to practice their IV insertion, venipuncture, and infection control techniques first hand in the EON-XR skills laboratory. This course can be delivered in a blended online classroom alongside practical instruction to allow students to combine theory with application, extending the learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

To start learning how to perform an IV insertion in AR and VR, please click here. You can also browse through our lesson highlights for a wealth of classroom and lesson inspiration on EON-XR.